Monday, 7 July 2008


Shall I see her face again--the pale face and the glorious hair? Of that
I know nothing; Fate has no hint, my heart no presentiment. I do not
know. In this world, perhaps--nay, it is likely--never. And can it
be that somewhere, in a manner whereof our flesh-bound minds have no
apprehension, she and I will be together again, with nothing to come
between us, nothing to forbid our love? That I know not, nor wiser heads
than mine. But if it be never--if I can never hold sweet converse again
with her, or look upon her face, or know from her her love; why, then,
this side the grave, I will live as becomes the man whom she loves; and,
for the other side, I must pray a dreamless sleep.


Chrissy said...

Did you write this??

bettertohavelovedandlost said...

Haha no i wish i could write like that... thats from one of my favorite books- The Prisoner of Zenda- its one of the most amazing paragraphs ever- but then i am a hopeless romantic :-D